... and which of course comes first. After a few years of teaching, I married my high school sweetheart and became a mommy for the first time. I will never forget “trying” to photograph our son’s tiny feet and hands while using a bobby pillow in our living room as well as setting the self timer and trying to capture myself giving him sweet kisses...the thought was there but the image was not so great.

I ave always loved Anne Geddes - Do you remember her? The lady who made those incredible calendars with babies inside flowers and peas in a pod? Yeah, she was my idol for the longest time and most recently a client said to me “Anne Geddes eat your heart out!” - I nearly almost fell over. Fast forward a little - I continued to dabble in photography by journaling my baby’s life moments and then became a mommy of two children - 1 boy and now 1 girl! They complete me. I know that sounds so Jerry Maguire but they really do...complete.me. in every way. I lhove being their mommy and watching them grow. They have become pretty anti-camera lately but I’m convinced they give me troubles just to see if I can work harder to capture real smiles! I guess they are right - try harder and you’ll get the perfect image. Photography has become a true passion of mine that has been kept inside for years and is finally able to blossom thanks to my hubby, my family and my super supportive friends. I love them so much for their kind words and support.

A little bit more about me? Sure - why not! -----I LOVE coffee - particularly pumpkin spice. When it goes off the shelf after the fall, my hubby orders online to keep a winter stash for me - isn’t that awesome? I love sushi, the outdoors especially in the fall, the beach and DISNEY! I love to read when I can find the time...I like to read all kinds of genres and I love anything sappy and emotional like Nicholas Sparks novels which is why I love capturing weddings so much! 


I pretty much cry at anything that tugs at my heart like anyone’s hardship or positive moments that make my cry because it’s a happy ending. I think that’s why I love the miracle of life - maternity and birth - two powerful experiences for any woman that truly are unforgettable. 

So, I guess I’ll stop talking about myself and invite you check out my site. Please check out my portfolio for some updated images too! If you have any other questions or want to learn more don’t hesitate to contact me because I’d love to talk to you!