Jodi Chandler Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jodi Chandler Photography (Jodi Chandler Photography) Thu, 02 Jan 2014 01:34:00 GMT Thu, 02 Jan 2014 01:34:00 GMT Jodi Chandler Photography: Blog 120 80 Happy New Year!! WoW! A lot has been wonderful in 2013 (except for my blogging capabilities - LOL!)

We are extremely blessed to have a such a wonderful support system from our family and friends!

Without them, this wouldn't be a reality. <3

I look forward to 2014 and all the super cool ideas I already have up my sleeve!! Just you wait and see!

XOXO Jodi Chandler Photography


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The B Family + I've known Bonnie for quite some time now

and when she contacted me for family photos, I was so excited!

Her youngest son was flying in from California and everyone was getting together for the holidays.

Well, this family was a blast! We trucked it up a huge hill to their family owned tree farm 

and captured some great memories!

In the end, all of the dogs came together for a photo on mom & dad's front porch.

B & family,

I loved spending time with you and listening to stories of how everyone came together, who was married where,

hearing about unique talents and professions and much more.

Your farm is breathtaking and your family bond is wonderful to witness. 

Your parents are blessed with each other and all of you.

Thank you again and again for a great day.


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T Maternity What a sweet, caring, and beautiful mama to be!

AND I was lucky enough to have her and the hubby "chauffeur" me to our local park for our shoot! (Hee! Hee!)

These two are fun, humorous and they are adorable together.

AND adventurous too...they probably still have mud and weeds on their shoes to prove it!

P & T are expecting their FIRST baby...a sweet baby boy!!

This little boy is going to have GREAT parents to guide him ~ there is no doubt about that.


P & T

You braved the cold and we had many great laughs together.

P even put up with my "direct" way of changing a pose or idea 1,000 times that day!

I wish you the best of luck with this handsome baby boy on the way, but you won't need it.

I loved working with you.





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The B Girls I am very lucky to have a previous student (who is just awesome by the way!) shadow me

for a photo shoot to get more of a hands on approach to photography.

As I am continuing to increase my skills,

I felt humbled that this opportunity became available.

So, we decided to photograph these sweet, adorable girls and their fun loving mama!

It was cold, really really cold, but they volunteered their time and their frostbitten fingertips!

The oldest girl was a student of mine

and someone who I really admire in so many ways.

The youngest girl goes to my elementary school and is just as awesome as her older sister!

S, S, & E ~ Thank you for braving the cold!

I loved watching the three of you interact!

It is clear how special your relationship is with one another...

thanks for letting me catch a glimpse of it!

<3 Jodi




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Baby C  

With Christmas just a few days away, baby Cole decided to give his Mommy & Daddy the best gift ever by arriving a little early.

He was a tiny little peanut weighing in at 6lbs even! 

Sweet Cole decided it was party time for the first hour or so of our session, but shortly after he got himself cozy we were able to capture this sweet little boy.

His tiny features and curly little hair are enough to melt your heart. 


Thank you for allowing me to come over today and capture this sweet little man of yours!

Thank Heaven for LITTLE BOYS!
Merry FIRST Baby Christmas.



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C Maternity The day has finally come where we get to watch our friends all have babies!

2013 is the year for many of our friends including these two!

It was THE coldest day I have ever done a shoot and 

so we decided to make our session a mini-shoot very quickly.

This mama to be is beautiful, smart, and super organized! She is expecting their first child, a sweet BABY GIRL!

C & D,

I am honored to be apart of capturing these special moments for you, just as I was to be a part of your wedding day!

The way you interact with our two children is a testament of how you will be as parents ~ patient & loving.

May you be blessed with a smooth delivery and a beautiful new little bundle.




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